8 Summits

Highest Peaks of Seven Continents and Arctic


Ravil Chamgoulov, a renowned high-altitude mountaineer and a recipient of the rare and prestigious "Snow Leopard" award, has climbed over 250 mountains all over the world, including Mt. Everest.

Most climbers know or have at the very least heard of the 7 summits -- the highest peaks of the seven continents. Ravil has climbed all 7 summits, five of them solo.

Another solo climb he successfully completed in May 2015 was of the majestic Mt. Gunnbjornsfjeld, the highest peak in Arctic. Arctic is the area on Earth north of the Arctic Circle. Arctic is not a continent, but its area is almost 3 times bigger than the area of Australia, and bigger than Antarctica.

The highest mountain of the Arctic, Mt. Gunnbjornsfjeld (12,119 ft) is located in Greenland, the world's biggest island and perhaps one of the least explored areas in the icy world surrounding the North Pole. This is the mountain few have concurred due to its notorious isolation and harsh weather. Some name Mt. Gunnbjornsfjeld the "8th Summit".

Please find below brief slide presentation about those climbs.


ANTARCTICA - Vinson Massif

AFRICA - Mt. Kilimanjaro

SOUTH AMERICA - Mt. Aconcagua


EUROPE - Mt. Elbrus

AUSTRALIA - Mt. Kosciuszko

ARCTIC- Mt. Gunnbjornsfjeld

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