Advanced Base Camp (ABC)

Hello All,
Today I discented from the Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at 6,400 m.  to the Base Camp (5,200 m.). The distance was about 25 km. A little bit tired, but I am healthy and feeling good.

It is cold on the mountain at that elevation. In a day time, the temperatute is usually several degrees plus Celsius. But a strong wind makes you wear a mask all the time when you are mooving to protect your lungs from cold air. Down jucket is essential peace of clothes in the evening. At night the temperature drops below zero. By the morning the liquid in a pee-bottle in my tent is usually frosen.

On the way to ABC

On the way to ABC

Tomorrow I will probably discent to a village 1 km below at 4,200 for a couple of days for rest.
After 3-4 days I will go to the final acclimatization trip for 7-8 days, with two nights at 7,000 and with the climb to elevation  7,500 m or 7,700 m.

Everything is fine. Please find some pictures.
Best regards,


My tent at ABC

My tent at ABC

Sunset on Mt. Everest - ABC - North

Sunset on Mt. Everest – ABC – North

One thought on “Advanced Base Camp (ABC)

  1. Thanks for your updates. Looks like you are enjoying the trip!
    I hope the weather stays good and you can stay healthy.

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