Everest North

Dear All,

I’ve received emails from many people who cared about my safety. Thanks everyone! I am safe on the mountain. The deadly avalanche happened on the South side of the mountain, in Nepal, on the most popular route. I am climbing from the North, from Tibet. I continue my acclimatization routine. Tried to make pictures of the sponsors’ flags at the Base Camp today after acclimatization trip, but it was too windy. The wind is strong half of the time. It is currently snowing at the Base Camp, but in general the weather is not bad.
Please find some pictures.



Sponsor's flag

Sponsor’s flag


Base Camp

Base Camp


One thought on “Everest North

  1. Hi Ravil: So glad to hear from you and know you are okay. Thought the avalanche was on the other route and that based on your itinerary, you weren’t on the mountain. Still was too close for comfort. Very horrific – stay safe.

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