8 Summits

Highest Peaks of Seven Continents and Arctic



02_On the road.jpg

03_First view of Mt. Everest.jpg

04_Welcom to Chomolungma National Park.jpg

05_The Base Camp, 5,200 m.jpg



07_Piju ceremony.jpg


09_Caravan of Yaks to Intermediate Camp.jpg

10_On the trail.jpg

11_On the way to Intermediate Camp.jpg

12_Intermediate Camp, 5,800 m.jpg

13_To the Advance Base Camp.jpg

14_Mt. Everest.jpg

15_Mt. Pumory.jpg

16_Advance Base Camp.jpg

17_Advance Base Camp, 6,400 m.jpg

18_Mt. Everest.jpg

19_The North Col.jpg

20_To the North Col.jpg

21_The North Col.jpg

22_Climbing the North Col.jpg

23_Climbing the North Col.jpg

24_Climbing the North Col.jpg

25_Everest North Col Camp, 7,100 m.jpg

26_Everest North Col Camp, 7,100 m.jpg

27_Mt. Everest.jpg

28_The North Col below.jpg

29_High Camp 7,700 m.jpg

30_High Camp 7,700 m.jpg

31_View from the High Camp 7,700 m.jpg

32_High Camp 8,300 m.jpg

33_High Camp 8,300 m.jpg

34_High Camp 8,300 m.jpg

35_Climbing the First Step 8,500 m.jpg

36_On the route 8,600 m.jpg

37_Climbing the Second Step.jpg

38_The Ridge.jpg

39_Climbing to the Summit.jpg

40_The Summit Piramid.jpg

41_View from the Summit.jpg

42_Mt. Everest Summit, 8,848 m.jpg

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